The Power Of Positive Thinking - Ideas

The Power Of Positive Thinking

DR shares us about the current research on the ability of opinion to ask ourself, How am I shifting my biology with my ideas? The word single belief is defined in the dictionary because confidence in the existence or truth of something not immediately susceptive to stringent evidence. But if we analyze the source of the wordwe find something far more intriguing. This word may be divided up into two distinct terms: be and lief. To be only means to exist or to live. The word lief originates in the Indo European word leubh meaning love. The joint word single belief now takes on a whole new meaning, which is only to maintain love.
Think positive

Belief utilized to establish faith in God or to be in love together with God. And we - can't love without utilizing the heart. Beliefs don't necessarily represent what's true or factual. Our beliefs can be based on perceptions of reality, which can be formed by our culture and experiences. The power of every belief or thought stems from inside the individual believer. Consequently, then you attract events, adventures and individuals in your life to meet your beliefs or likes. This is demonstrated in my parents connection where my mother always says what brought her to my dad was their shared single belief in meditation, God and spirituality. 

Coming from a background of technology and medication, I was taught to question each belief, even the proven theories in medication. Therefore, how may I believe in this ideas of a soul and of God which have never been scientifically proven? Well, it's straightforward. This is this concept behind prayer, meditation and positive thinking: a simple thought that's felt by the heart. A true belief or prayer resounds both in the mind and heart. Whatever you believe in your heart - to be true is a fact in your life. 

As a result, you then attract events. Experiences and individuals in your life - to meet your loves or beliefs. Imagine how a world will be positively changed if we all prayed for this well being of every other? This concept was really studied on a small scale by medical researchers in San Francisco, California, California. Forty patients together with advanced AIDS were allocated randomly into two groups: one group which received prayers from strangers and another control group which received no prayers. The subjects allocated to this distant prayer group benefited from a reduction in AIDS defined diseases and illness severity, and a decrease in this number of hospital visits. Although this is regarded as a small study in this world of medicine, its scope is still very strong, for it suggests which heart felt prayers may alter the course of a serious disease.😛💥💥💥💥

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