System Programming - Assembler (GTU Syllabus)

System Programming - Assembler (GTU Syllabus)

System Programming - Assembler All Point Include Discuss

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System Programming - Assembler (GTU Syllabus)
Syllabus : Elements of Assembly Language Programming, Design of the Assembler, Assembler Design Criteria, Types of Assemblers, Two-Pass Assemblers, One-Pass Assemblers, Single pass Assembler for Intel x86 , Algorithm of Single Pass Assembler, Multi-Pass Assemblers, Advanced Assembly Process, Variants of Assemblers Design of two pass assembler

1. Basic Assembler

Assembler Ek program hai.Jo ki Object file Aur machine code or machine language format ko Assembler language me badal deta hai.

Exam Defination Below

Definition 1 :

 An assembler is a type of computer program that interprets software programs written in assembly language into machine language, code and instruction that can be executed by a computer.

Definition 2:

 An assembler is a translator that translates source in-
structions (in symbolic language) into target instructions (in machine language), on a one to one basis.

Definition 3 : 

An assembler is a translator that translates a machine-
oriented language into machine language.

Note :- Aapko Jo yaad rahe wo exam me likh sakte hai.

Definition ka Meaning : 

Assembler Ek computer ka programme hai, Jise machine language format ko instruction karne ka computer se badal diya jata hai.

Ek baat yaad rakhna ke computer ko machine language ke alava language samaj me nahi aati isliye frist time program machine language me badalna padta hai. Jo kam software ka hota hai.
assembler kabhi kabhi interpreter service provide karta hai.

Self assembler

Agar assembler jo ek computer par chalta hai Aur is computer par run karta hai. Aur yahi computer ke liye work karta hai means machine code provide karta hai Jise self assembler kaha jata hai.

Cross Assembler

Koi assembler ek computer par run karta hai Aur kisi computer ko bhi machine code provide karta hai jise cross assembler kaha jata hai.

Types of Assembler important GTU Exam 2017

1. one pass assembler
2. two pass assembler pass assembler

simple language me kaheta hu ke "one pass assembler ko memory provide karat hai, means k frist time me source code ko machine code me badal deta hai.

2. Two pass assembler

Two pass assembler pahele source code ko read karta hai means k frist time sabhi read kar leta hai aur baad me memory provide karta hai, baad me object code me badal deta hai.

Examp Point :

  • A One-pass Assembler: One that performs all its functions by reading the source file once.
  • A Two-Pass Assembler: One that reads the source file twice.
  • A Resident Assembler: One that is permanently loaded in memory. Typically such an assembler resides in ROM, is very simple (supports only a few directives and no macros), and is a one-pass assembler.
  • A Macro-Assembler: One that supports macros (chapter 4).
  • A Cross-Assembler: An assembler that runs on one computer and assembles programs for another. Many cross-assemblers are written in a higher-level language to make them portable. They run on a large machine and produce object code for a small machine.
  • A Meta-Assembler: One that can handle many different instruction sets.
  • A Disassembler: This, in a sense, is the opposite of an assembler. It translates machine code into a source program in assembler language.

Note : Mene Jo point bataya hai ye bahut important hai jise aap assembler cover kar sakte hai, aapko system programming any topic hard lagta hai comment me or contact us me jarur bataye aaj hi aapko solve kar ke bata dunga. Jise kal exam me benifit hoga.

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